Friday, 28 November 2008

Waltz With Bashir - Ari Folman (2008)

It's rare that I usually leave the cinema speechless, before engaging in hours (literally) of discussion with those around me, but 'Waltz With Bashir' is no ordinary film for no ordinary audience. Emotionally enthralling, yet uneasily shocking, 'Bashir' follows director Ari Folman as he visits various friends and foes trying to rekindle the memories he has forgotten of the Israeli-Lebanon War in 1982. Shot in memorizing animated visuals, it is a thought-provoking ride through the rediscovery of one man's forgotten nightmares.

From the opening surrealist shot of twenty-six dogs rabidly racing down the Tel Aviv streets towards the 'dreamers' (Ari's friend) home, to the ending where the animation is sacrificed for a few short minutes to show the real, unaltered horrors of the Sabra and Shatila massacre from news reels and archive footage. Surrealism is constantly mixed with the truth, making you wonder, what did Ari really want to find out and to what end? Is this all he and those remembered, or what there memories would allow them to keep encapsulated.

A frighteningly stark look at a young soldiers life, and how war can effect everybody involved, not just those remembered as a statistic on a board of casualties. As we delve further into his regained memories, we are made to wonder, is this journey exercising his demons, or simply just reigniting them? With the stunning visuals keeping you emotionally at arms length, detracting you from the events, before quickly dragging you back in with a horrifically haunting ending.

'Waltz With Bashir' is compelling, thought-provoking viewing.


Deaf Brown Trash Punk said...

i tried commenting on "Slumdog" but looks like the comments are closed. OH MY GOD it's a beautiful, touching movie. I got choked up a few times and eventually I broke into tears.

I also saw 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' over the hols-- another superb, well-made film... in fact i would say both films are MASTERPIECES!!!

what annoys me is that some folks on IMDB are already making claims that "Slumdog" is a rip-off of the Brazilian movie, City of God. I don't see any similarities, aside from both kids being from the slums. God, i hate people.