Friday, 24 October 2008

Saw 5 - Dir, David Hackl (2008)

'Saw 5' is one of those films, that after leaving the cinema you eventually recite inevitable phrase of; "why did we go see that?"

What once was a guilty pleasure for me, has quickly turned into a tedious and quite boring chore. The story yet again carries on from the previous film as Hoffman continues his ‘ingenious’ continuation of Jigsaw’s work, while a hotshot agent beats the trap and sets out to hunt him and anyone else who maybe a fan of that or-so loveable character Jigsaw.

Despite being slightly more coherent than the previous two outings, almost half of ‘Saw 5’is told via flashbacks and when there isn’t one, we are simply being plied with buckets full of raspberry syrup and mundane traps which Jigsaw himself would laugh at if he ever saw them. That coupled with acting to rival a plank of wood at the ‘Woodies’, and you’ve got yourself a pretty idiotic hour and thirty minutes that doesn’t shock nor entertain.

What made the ‘Saw’ franchise, most notably the first, most enjoyable for myself was the ingenuity in which Jigsaw operated, however with nothing remotely interesting or enjoyable comes from this film, exact that we can all hope that it finally does now end here!