Friday, 20 July 2007

The Business - Dir. Nick Love (2005)

Nick Love aims to show off the 80's scene where criminals would live there life in peace away from law & order, with them being the kings of there own castles & he does this perfectly.

The plot is simple & the outcome is inevitable, greed, betrayal & violence, but all with a pinch of humour & some great acting thrown in.

Danny Dyer is brilliant as the 'nervous' Frankie, who has been given the chance to start a new life away from all the scum & crime in South London & instead become a resident on the crime-less Costa Del Sol alongside his friend & mentor Charlie.

Charlie also provides a larger than life, arrogant & egotistical character to a tee as well. He's cocky, he's unpredictable, & he's cool. Everything you expect from a East End Gangster living out his days in Spain.

The story itself is very simple & because of that, easy to read into. I admit it's been done before, but Nick Love makes this film stand out by going back into time & re-creating the 80's. The cars, women, huge mobile phones & superb 80's songs are all there. All adding to the surrounding atmosphere of the film.

The film is a must see for any Brits even remotely interested in any films such as Scarface, Football Factory, Casino, Scum & Sexy Beast. The acting is great. The plot simple. The women beautiful. And the South London accents, gritty.

The Business won't be a huge over the Atlantic hit nor will it be a cult classic, but it's one of the best films to come & grace our screens this year. So don't waste your time watching Duke's Of Hazzard, watch the Business instead. A great film.

By Jordan